The Fifth Lecturer Discussion Series (LDS) is approaching

Dr. Jarjani will be the speaker in this coming lecturer series on Monday 21 of November 2016 at 09.30. He will be talking on “Using Formative Evaluation to Improve the Quality of Textbook:Validity, Practicality & Effectiveness.

Providing learning materials (e.g., writing textbook) that best match local contexts is a challenging undertaking.  To deal with this, it is necessary to develop a locally research-based textbook.  According to curriculum experts, such as Nieveen (2009), the quality of learning materials can be improved through using formative evaluation approach. This study intends to employ this approach so as to evaluate the under development textbook for academic writing.  Teacher educators serving both as content experts and future users are involved in several stages of the textbook development as they can provide feedbacks or suggestions for improving its validity and practicality, while students are during the try-out for improving its effectiveness