Seminar: Communicative Language Teaching and Creative Classroom


Seminar on Communicative Learning with Willian Little

William Little is a Regional English Language Officer (RELO) currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia.  He holds master’s degrees from the University of Colorado, Boulder (Sport Psychology) and the University of Texas, San Antonio (Bicultural – Bilingual Studies) and has over 20 years’ experience in the ESL/EFL field both domestically and overseas. Prior to joining the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Bill was a professor at Georgetown University where he explored a variety of language teaching interests, from education technology (including video games, virtual platforms and online learning environments) to learner autonomy and social entrepreneurship.   He also served as a Senior English Language Fellow (2012-2013) in Turkey where he worked extensively with other Fellows, Fulbright ETAs and the Access programs in south and eastern Turkey.  Mr. Little lived in Tokyo, Japan for three years and has traveled widely in Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia.


Communicative Language Teaching and the Creative Classroom

The Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) movement started decades ago and has had its share of supporters and detractors from a variety of contexts.  A recent TESOL Journal article by Ariatna that highlights the need for CLT to be maintained in Indonesia also acknowledges the real challenges to its successful implementation.  This talk will discuss the Creative Classroom, a classroom that emphasizes critical thinking and collaborative learning, as one way to promote CLT and nurture confident and engaged students.  Ample time will be allowed for the audience to participate and discuss their own ideas on CLT in Indonesia.