Guide to APA Referencing

Guide to Referencing in Assignments and Thesis Writing

Department of English Language Education of FTK UIN Ar-Raniry is preparing a new assignment and thesis writing guide handbook that will assist students and teachers preparing academic text in English. The faculty of the department and the dean of FTK UIN Ar-Raniry have agreed that changes toward academic writing guide should be made to meet the demands of newer developed types of publication and media used in the academic world today.

The main concern why the changes should be made is because the popularity of APA citation style has gain more users in English Academic writing internationally. There is an increasing number of publication that demands writing submitted in APA as well as other internationally recognized citation syles nowadays. In addition, many writing tools such as online plagiarism checkers and word processors (such as Microsoft Word and other similar types) will be able to work better and become user friendly if the writing uses newer and updated citation style. Therefore, we would like to share the opportunity for all member of the faculty and the students of Department of English Education to be more familiar with APA citation style.

Another benefit of using APA is that any available word processor today has already integrated the auto-citation function to place the in-text citation automatically to be synchronized with the references section. This, eventually, will be a great help for writers to keep their citation entries neat and appeared consistent. Therefore, there will be no more painful missing reference entries or missing in-text citations throughout the typed text.

However, it is important to know that this guideline is still in the developmental stage, whereas the department is still working with the final guide. Therefore, we would like to invite you to contribute ideas in order to produce a comprehensive guide for English academic writing that will be used not only in the department of ELT but also in the whole FTK. To share ideas and add citation examples please contact Rahmat Yusny (Head of PBI Multimedia Room).

You can download the draft of the our APA referencing guide section here.