Muhammad Nasir

Muhammad Nasir is the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of Psychology Faculty. Dr. Nasir earned his Ph.D. Degree from University Sains Malaysia in contemporary literature (2011). He completed his master degree from University of Indonesia in English Literature (2000). His research interest are literature culture, gender/Feminist, and post-colonial popular and oral literature. Some of his publications are “Syariat Islam dan Ngangkang Style: mengenal kearifan lokal dan Identitas perempuan Aceh” (2013) dalam Jurnal MIQOT Vol.xxxvii. No.1Januari-Juni; “Literary works as a media in Proselytizing : An analysis of novel Ayat-ayat Cinta by Habiburrahman El Siradhi” (the verses of love) and Trees Without Roots by Syed Waliullah” (2009). Currently he has served as the Head of Academic Affairs of State Institute for Islamic Studies Ar-Raniry B.Aceh and as the Institute Senator.


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