Dr. Luthfi Aunie, MA

Luthfi Aunie was a Deputy Rector for Planning, Administration, & Financial Affairs State Islamic Univesity of Ar-Raniry. Dr. Luthfi earned a Ph.D. degree on Sociology from UNMER, Malang, Indonesia (2014). He completed two master degrees, one from McGill University, Canada in master of Art (1993) and another one from Bendwich U.S.A. in Master of Project Management (2005). Dr. Luthfie Aunie had served as member of scholarship commission at Aceh Province Education Council (2012-2014) and has served the position as a chairman of English Lecturers’ Research Works (1999-current). His research interest includes grammar and communication, and islamic studies in modern world. He has widely published his research in the field of education, Social and Islamic Studies. Some of his selected publications are” Upaya Meningkatkan Interaksi Mahasiswa dan Dosen dalam Proses Belajar Mengajar English Public Speaking” di UIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh, 2015; “the Nature of Vocabulary Mastery and Its Impacts on Reading Comprehension,” 2003.

luthfi.aunie [at] ar-raniry.ac.id

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