Dr. phil. Saiful Akmal

Saiful Akmal is the secretary of the Department of English Language Education. Dr. Saiful earned his Ph.D. degree from Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany, majoring in southeast asian studies (2015). He completed his master degree from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, majoring in Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics; Political Discourse Analysis (2007). Besides being Senior Research Fellow at The Aceh Institute, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, he also the co-founder of the Padeebook. His research interest includes southeast asian studies (post-conflict aceh, post-reformation indonesia), critical/political discourse, analysis and political communication, political rhetoric and electioneering rhetoric, media and text studies, islamic studies, and education policy. Some of his publications are “Pessimism or Optimism?: The Image of Post-Conflict Aceh in Europe,” 9 Oct 2014, International Seminar: Indonesia’s International Image in Post-Suharto Era, Centre for Research and Development, Indonesian Ministry for Education and Culture- Dept. of Southeast Asian Studies, Goethe-University of Frankfurt; “The Language of Criticism in Andrea Hirata’s Novel (An Analysis of Socio-Educational Critical Discourse Analysis in Laskar Pelangi),” 8-10 December 2009, 56th TEFLIN International Conference, Malang-East Java, Indonesia. At the moment, he is active as a member of the Association of Teachers of English as A Foreign Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN) (2009-present), Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Conference Alumnae, (2009-present), and also a member of British Council Scholars Chapter Indonesia (2007-present).

saiful.akmal [at] ar-raniry.ac.id

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