Camp EPIC Meeting

Friday 11 November 2016

Camp EPIC Replica Workshop Highlight 2016

 asirah-demonstated-how-to-use-boardgame group-photo

Camper Name/facilitators: Asirah, Pocut Shaliha Finzia
Institution/City: UIN Ar-Raniry/ Banda Aceh


Activity Title:


EPIC sharing session

Incorporating Games into Lesson

Reflective teaching

Activity Start Date and End Date: Friday, November 11th ,2016

10 -11 a.m.

Activity Venue:

Where was the activity held?

Institution/School, City


EducationUSA, UIN Ar-Raniry, Banda Aceh

Number, type, and percentage of male and female


Ten students participated in the workshop.

There were one male student and eight female students of English Department from UIN Ar-Raniry. The rest was a student from Unsyiah.


Brief Description:

Describe the activity (who, what, where, when) – what did participants learn, how was the activity conducted?


Firstly, Asirah began the workshop by introducing “adjective games” as icebreaker to get to know each other. Then, Camp EPIC program was introduced by Pocut including sharing some experiences on how to fill the application and activities at the camp. Some other activities in the workshop were ‘scattergories’ games for teaching vocabulary, board games, bazooka song for teaching pronunciation and finally closed with ‘gallery walk’ reflection for the workshop. The participants actively engaged in every activity in the workshop.


Activity Significance:

Why did you do this? What was the value of the activity? What are the expected outcomes?


To introduce the significance of the program as it is beneficial experience for pre-service English teachers to stay updated with the current English teaching practice. Besides, it is crucial for future English teacher to be able to create engaging activities for active English classroom. Thus, by conducting this workshop the participants are expected to be able to adapt teaching materials into their classroom creatively as well as in line with the learning objective.

Did you collaborate with other teachers, students, or teachers’ groups?


The workshop was supported by English Department Association of UIN Ar-Raniry,  EducationUSA, and ACCESS Chapter Aceh as part of improving the quality of human resource within the university.