Educational Talk with German Guest Lecturer

Banda Aceh, 9 March 2017. English Language Education Study Program of Ar-Raniry State Islamic University held an educational talk at Tarbiyah B main hall, Tuesday (7/3). The event entitled “Memory, Madness and Mengajar” presented a keynote speaker from Germany, Senior Expert Service (SES) in teacher training and foreign language teaching Mr. Dierk H. Anderson. Mr. Dierk was giving some tips regarding how to use our brain efficient and effectively. Mr. Andresen was also giving a memory game to enhance the way the students remember things.

The Dean of Tarbiyah Faculty and some lectures from English education department were also coming to the talk. Mr. Zulfikar, the Head of English Language Education Department, said that the guest lecture, Mr. Andersen, will be here for the whole month and there will be some more meaningful activities throughout March 2017. He also hoped that EDSA will give its best to support the plan with a hope this will change how English education department students view things especially in the context of English language teaching.

Writer: Mahathir Rafsanjani
Editor: Saiful Akmal and Muhammad Hafidh Ilmi