Dr. T. Zulfikar

t-zulfikarTeuku Zulfikar is the head of Department of Language Education  in Faculty of Educational Science. Dr. Zulfikar earned a Ph.D. degree from Monash University, Australia in Pedagogy and Cultural Studies (2011). He completed two master degrees, one from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA in Educational Administration (2006) with Fulbright Scholarship, and the other one from Monash University in Leadership, Policy and Change in Education (2003) with AusAid Scholarship. He has been teaching both at undergraduate and graduate level classes at UIN Ar-Raniry and Syiah Kuala University. Dr. Zulfikar has served a position as a senior researcher at International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies from 2012-2015, and serves the directorship position from February 2016.  His research interest includes education governance, education management, leadership, pedagogy and cultural studies, youth and religious identity, and also ethnographic studies. He has published widely in the field of education and social science. Some of his selected publications are “researching my own backyard: an inquiry into an ethnographic study; I feel different though: Narratives of young female Indonesian Muslims in Australian public school; understanding Muslim identity from multiple lenses: insights from a minority group in Australia; Indonesian education: its effort for progressive learning environment and other important work. At the moment, he is involved in a number of organizations: International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS); Aceh Institute for Human Resource Development (AIHRD); Institute for Islamic Studies Interreligious Dialogue and Peace (IISIDP); and (Teaching English as Foreign Language Indonesia (TEFLIN).


Dr. T. Zulfikar, S.Ag., M. Ed
[B.Ed (UIN Ar-Raniry, Indonesia); M.Ed (Monash University, Australia and Ohio University, USA); PhD (Monash University, Australia]

Address                 : Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Contact details     : Mobile-081287591202; email teuku.zulfikar@ar-raniry.ac.id or teuku.zulfikar@acehresearch.org


Teaching Methodology

ELT Material Development

Educational Leadership and Policy

Identity, Culture and Pedagogy

Teacher Education

Qualitative Research



Monash University, Clayton-Victoria, Australia                                2007-2012

PhD (S3) Educational Studies             

Ohio University, Athens-OH, USA                                                              2004-2006

M. Ed (S2) Educational Studies

Ohio University, Athens-OH, USA                                                           2004-2005

Diploma in EFL Teaching

Monash University, Clayton-Victoria, Australia                               2002-2003

M. Ed (S2) Educational Studies

IAIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh, Indonesia                                               1995-1999

B. Ed(S1) Education: English Education



Executive Director

(International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies  )                         August 2016-present

Head of the Department

Dept. of English Language Education                                                                March 2016-Present

Senior Lecturer

(Ar-Raniry State Islamic University, Banda Aceh)                                           Oct 2015-present

Staff (Monitoring and Evaluation division)                                        April 2014-present

(Aceh Institute for Human Resource Development)

 Senior Researcher: ICAIOS                                                                            January 2012- present

(International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies)

 Lecturer- Graduate Program/S2 UIN Ar-Raniry                                              Feb. 2013-Present

 Lecturer – Graduate Program/S2 Syiah Kuala University Banda Aceh       2012-Present

Lecturer – International Program IAIN Imam Bonjol                                       2006-2007        

TOEFL Instructor– Graduate Program IAIN Imam Bonjol                           2006-2007

TOEFL Instructor– Indonesian TOEFL center, Padang                                  2006-2007

Lecturer –Universitas Bung Hatta                                                                         2006-2007

English Instructor- OPIE USA                                                                            2005-2005

Senior Lecturer-IAIN Imam Bonjol                                                                   2001- Sept. 2015                                           

Lecturer Assistant -IAIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh                                           2000-2001




  • Research Methodology (Undergraduate-B.ED/M.ED program)
  • Teaching Methodology (Undergraduate-B.ED/M.ED program)
  • Educational Management (Undergraduate program-B.ED)
  • Philosophy in Education (Undergraduate program-B.ED)
  • Human Resource in Education (M.ED program)
  • Supervision in Education (M.ED program)
  • Material Development (M.ED program)
  • Principles of Education (M.ED program)
  • Philosophy of Knowledge (M.ED program)
  • Intro to second language acquisition (B. ED program)



  • Developing local content curriculum at secondary schools (M.ED thesis)
  • Principal’s competence in improving school (M.ED thesis)
  • The relationship between EFL teachers’ self efficacy and their teaching competence (M.ED thesis)
  • The effectiveness of peer-supervision at school (M.ED thesis)
  • The role of school committee in improving school quality (M.ED thesis)
  • Inclusive education and its implementation (M.ED thesis)
  • Teaching English skills to secondary school students (M.ED thesis)
  • Exploring ESL teachers’ classroom practices (M.ED thesis)
  • Examining multiple strategies in language teaching (M.ED thesis)
  • Teaching English using audio-visual (M.ED thesis)
  • Exploring students’ reading difficulties (M. ED thesis)
  • KTSP and K13 and teachers’ perception on the use of the curriculum (M. ED thesis)
  • The use of authentic materials in teaching English (M. Ed thesis)
  • Associate supervisor: MA Thesis on ‘School Based Management Implementation in Aceh: Post-structural and Critical Realist Concerns’: by Clayton Emory Naylor. University of Amsterdam



  • FULBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP 2004-2006: M.Ed-Education (Ohio University, USA).
  • AUSAID (ADS) SCHOLARSHIP 2002-2003: M.Ed-Education (Monash University Australia).
  • KEMENTRIAN AGAMA RI 2001-2001: CADOS program (Pembibitan Calon Dosen se IAIN dan STAIN-Lecturer Training Program) at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta.
  • EXXON MOBILE 1998-1999: B.Ed-Education (IAIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh)
  • KEMENTRIAN AGAMA RI 1997-1998: B.Ed-Education (IAIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh)



  • LECTURER TRAINING PROGRAM                     : Yogyakarta    June-October 2001
  • EAP/CROSS CULTURE UNDERSTANDING    : IALF Jakarta  October-November 2001
  • IAP/CROSS CULTURE UNDERSTANDING     : Monash Uni   January-February 2002
  • EAP,IAP and CCU                                                         : Ohio Uni    August 2004
  • IELTS TRAINING                                                         : IALF Jakarta    May 2007



  • The Education governance (Senior Researchers), working with ICAIOS: Funded by the University of Auckland, New Zealand. December, 2013 to December 2014.
  • The Education Management-Strengthening vocational Education in Aceh (Qualitative data analyst)-funded by Asian Development Bank. February 2014-November 2014.
  • Improving teacher workforce planning and management in Aceh (Field Survey Coordinator)-Funded by Asian Development Bank. February 2014-November 2014.
  • Managing the development of knowledge sector in Aceh (FGD Facilitator), working with ICAIOS team/ funded by Asia Foundation, 2012
  • The exploration on the effectiveness of the Aceh government funding on education (Main Researcher), working with the other associate researcher: Funded by SEDIA (Support for Education Development in Aceh), 2011-2012
  • Examining the originality of students’ thesis (Main Researcher), working with other two members of the research team: Funded by the Faculty of Education, Imam Bonjol State Islamic Institute, 2013
  • Consensus building on environmental issues in Aceh (The member of the research team) working with ICAIOS: Funded by Toyota Foundation, 2013
  • Examining young Australian-Indonesian Muslims ways of constructing identity: Research conducted for Ph.D. thesis at Monash University 2007-2011
  • Exploring the impact of reflective journals on teachers’ attitudes: Research conducted for master’s thesis at Ohio University USA 2004-2006
  • Investigating leadership perception in Indonesian higher education: Research conducted for master’s thesis at Monash University Australia 2002-2003



Zulfikar, T (2016). Understanding Muslim identity from multiple lenses: Insights from a minority group in Australia. Proceeding in the International Conference of ARICIS. UIN Ar-Raniry, Banda Aceh.

Zulfikar, T. (2016). Shaping Research Project: Understanding students’ ways of writing research problem: Proceeding in the International Conference of EEIC. Universitas Syiah Kuala. Banda Aceh.

Zulfikar, T. (2016). KTSP and K13 as perceived as teachers: Proceeding in the International Conference of ELITE. UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta.

Zulfikar, T. (2016). Pendidikan demokratis: sebagai ciri pendidikan Islam. In Social Harmony Teaching in the Qur’an and the Sunnah: Islam dialogue and modernity.Banda Aceh. IISIDP Publication Press

Zulfikar, T. (2016). “I feel different though”: narratives of minority students in Australian public school. Cogent Education. Vol. 3: 1

Reviewer for World Journal of Education (ISSN 1925-0746, EJSSN 1925-0754)

Zulfikar, T. (2015). Indonesian education: Its effort for progressive learning environment. International Handbook of Progressive Education (HOPE)-published by International Journal of Progressive Education: New York. INASED

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Zulfikar, T. and Afriansyah, A. (2013). Review on the effectiveness of the Government of Aceh Scholarship program. Proceeding at ICAIOS International Conference, June 2013.

Zulfikar, T. (2012). Learning from my own backyard: professional learning. Jurnal Ta’lim, IAIN ‘IB’ Padang.

Zulfikar, T. (2011). Leadership perceptions in Indonesian higher education. Germany: Lambert Publishing House.

Zulfikar, T. (Book Review, Asian Ethnology.69 (1) 2010. Robert W. Hefner (2009). Making Modern Muslims: The politics of Islamic Education in Southeast Asia. Honolulu. University of Hawaii Press.

Zulfikar, T. (2009). The Making of Indonesian Education: An overview on empowering Indonesian teachers. Journal of Indonesian Social Science and Humanities. Vol.2.

Zulfikar, T. (2009). On Understanding Muslim. OnlineArticle. Religion and Spirituality. 15/06/2009

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Zulfikar, T. (2008). Leadership perceptions in higher education in Indonesia. (Master’s thesis completed in 2003, and published in Jurnal PusLIT IAIN Imam Bonjol)

 Zulfikar, T. (2007). Karakter Kepemimpinan Pendidikan Indonesia.Padang: Penerbit Hayfa Press.

Zulfikar, T. (2007). Teaching paradigms: personal and professional outlooks. Hadharah Journal, IAIN IB.

Zulfikar, T. (2006). An exploration on the effectiveness of reflective journals on teaching attitude: A case study on the attitudes of in-service ESL/EFL teachers enrolled in Dept. of Linguistics, Ohio University, Master’s thesis completed in 2006, and published by Ta’lim Journal, College of Education IAIN Imam Bonjol)

Zulfikar, T. (2005). Syntax and its teaching: A comparative analysis. Ta’lim Journal, College of Education.

Zulfikar, T. (2005). Resurrecting educational leadership. Journal of graduate studies, IAIN Imam Bonjol.

Zulfikar, T. (2004). The new architecture of educational leadership. Ta’lim Journal, College of Education.

Zulfikar, T. (2003). Leadership Perceptions in Higher Education in Indonesia” (Research done at Monash University, Australia, completed December 2003)



  • The nature of Aceh Conflict Ohio University                                                                                      October 2004
  • Support for Tsunami Relief for Aceh Ohio University                                                                      January 2005
  • Support for Tsunami Relief for Southeast Asia Ohio State University                                        February 2005
  • Guest speaker: Introduction to Religion Ohio University                                                             October 2005
  • Student Symposium Ohio University                                                                                                   February 2006

“Leadership perceptions in higher education in Indonesia”

  • International Conference University of Kentucky, KY, US                                                          April 2006

 “An exploration on the effectiveness of reflective journals on teaching attitude”

  • International Conference Ohio University                                                                                          May 2006

“The impact of self-reflection on classroom practices”                          

  • Guest Speaker-Lecturer series Ohio University                                                                             May 2006

      “Democracy in Indonesia”

  • MERC Conference                  Monash University                                                                          July 2007

      “Second Generation Indonesian Muslim”

  • Indonesian Round Table       University of Melbourne                                                                 May 2009

      “Being Muslim at Australian Public School”

  • International Conference  Deakin University                                                                              November 2009

      “Religious Identity of Indonesian Muslim Youth”

  • Indonesian Student International Conference Victoria University                                           July 2010

“Thinking home while away-improving Indonesian Teacher”

  • AARE international conference            University of Melbourne                                               November 2010

      “Researching my own backyard

  • Seminar on Writing Thesis Monash University                                                                            June 2011

Tips on Writing PhD Thesis

.   MERC Conference      Monash University                                                                                            July 2011

I am a common student: Narratives of the minority

  • Manajemen of Pondok Pesantren Kanwil Kemenag Aceh                                                       December 2011
  • Karakter Kepemimpinan Dayah Badan Dayah Kabupaten Aceh Timur                         May 2012
  • Pelatihan Pendidikan Karakter Dinas Pendidikan Kota Banda Aceh                             June 2013
  • Training on Qualitative research and Intro to Nvivo (LOGICA-ICAIOS)                                July 2013
  • Training on Qualitative research and Intro to Nvivo (Economic Faculty- UNIMAL)        August 2013
  • Training on Qualitative research and Designs of proposal (ICAIOS)   September 2013
  • Training on Qualitative research (Faculty of Political Science- UNIMAL)                       September 2013
  • Training on Curriculum Development and Syllabus Design (STAIN Cot Kala)                    November 2013
  • Training on Qualitative Research (STKIP ABDYA)                                                                     February 2014
  • Training on Qualitative and NVIVO (Universitas Muhamadiyah, Aceh)                          December 2014
  • Training on Qualitative and NVIVO (ICAIOS)                                                                               March 2015
  • Training on Qualitative ( Of Educational Economy, FKIP UNSYIAH)                            April 2015
  • Training on Leadership and Social Harmony (UIN Ar-Raniry, Columbia UNI)                       May 2015
  • Guest lecture: IAIN Malikussaleh, Lhokseumawe                                                                           August 2015

“Your English determined your bright future”

  • Speaker in an International Conference: ICAIOS VI                                                                     August 8-9, 2016

“School based management from peace-building lens: Insights from Aceh

  • Speaker in an International Conference: ELITE UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta               Sept. 18-19, 2016

“KTSP and K13 Curriculum as perceived by Teachers”

  • Speaker in an International Conference: EEIC Unsyiah, Banda Aceh                                      Nov, 11-12, 2016

“Shaping Research Problems: Understanding EFL students’ voice

In the process of developing research project”



  • MIIS (Monash Indonesian Islamic Society-Monash University): Vice President                    2002-2008
  • PERMIAS (Persatuan Pelajar dan Mahasiswa Indonesia Amerika Serikat): President         2005-2006
  • MSA (Muslim Student Association): Chair of Social Chair                                                           2005-2006
  • IMCV (Indonesian Muslim Community of Victoria): Chair of Religious Program                 2008-2011
  • ICAIOS (International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies)                                           2012-present
  • TEFLIN (TEFL teachers and lecturer community)                                                                         2013-present



  • GESI NODE: Issues on Gender and Globalization in Education
  • TASA: The Australian Sociological Association
  • AARE: Association of Australian Research in Education
  • IMCV: Indonesian Muslim Community of Victoria
  • ICAIOS: International Center of Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies