Vision, Missions and Objectives





In 15 years (in 2029), Study Program of English Language Education, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, Ar-Raniry State Islamic University (since 2014), will be an excellent study program that produces noble, professional and local wisdom literate graduates and competitive enthused by graduate users.



  1. Education

To train pious, innovative and independent prospective teachers and educators of English to compete and develop the ability to continue their studies to a higher level, and to work professionally in various institutions as well as to provide real contribution to the national development based on their expertise.


  1. Research

To conduct studies and research in the field of education and English language teaching and learning based on practical, applicable and modern multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach with reference to local knowledge.


  1. Community Service

To implement science in the field of English education and learning both based on multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach in various formal and informal institutions.


  1. Network

To cooperate with diverse and multi-background institutions at local, national and international level.



To produce competitive, excellent, professional, Islamic-oriented personality and local knowledgeable graduates that are able to develop their scientific expertise in the field of English language education, translation, research and entrepreneurship in the employment world.


Graduate’s Competency

To have competence inthe area of English teaching and education, translation, research, and entrepreneurship.