Daftar Judul Proposal Mahasiswa PBI yang Diterima Semester Ganjil TA 2017/2018 Tahap-II

1 Rahmat Yusni M.A MAGHFIRAH 140203048 Oprah Winfrey Show Episode ” Oprah and Jk Rowling in Scotland” an analysis of Motivation Value
2 Dr.phil. Saiful Akmal, S.Pd.I, MA RAIDA RONIKA 140203058 The Integration of Technology Improvement into lesson plan: teachers’ way in incorporating technology into learning process.
3 Dr. T. Zulfikar, M.Ed ELVIRA SALMA 140203258 Students Teachers’ Perceptions on Mentors’ support to improve their teaching
4 Dr. Ayyub AR, M.Ag SITI NANDA HASLIDA 140203014 The Effectiveness of Using Hand Out to Increase Student Speaking and Vocabulary
5 Drs. Lutfi Aunie, M.A FAHRIZAL RIZKI 231324322 An Analysis on students’ difficulties in learning modal Auxiliaries CAN and COULD at the second year students of MTsN Darul Ihsan
6 Yuni Setianingsih, M.Ag ADE MESTIKA 140203231 The Effectiveness of Teaching Reading Comprehension Through Small Group Discussion Technique of Tenth Grade Students at SMAN 3 Banda Aceh
7 Dr. Muhammad Nasir, M.Hum ELVIRA HUSFA AFRILA 140203226 An Analysis of Figurative language Used in Cold Play Song Lyrics
8 Dr. Mustafa AR, MA CUT DHIRA MIRANTI 140203230 An Analysis on Students Difficulties in Learning Reported speech
9 Dr.phil. Saiful Akmal, S.Pd.I, MA RAHAYU AFTINA 140203052 Students’ Perception on Teacher Methodology in Listening Class
10 Khairil Razali, S.Pd.I.,MA.,MS NURUL AIDA 140203194 Exploring the Factors Influencing Teachers and Learners Roles in English Classroom Management
11 Qudwatin Nisak M.Isa, S.Ag, M.Ed DIAN NASUHA 140203222 An analysis on the student’s Problems in Translating English Compound Word into Indonesia
12 Habiburrahim, S.Ag, M.Com, MS, Ph.D SELVI NADILA 140203183 A content Analysis of Grow with English Textbook in Term of Communicative Approach
13 Dr. T. Zulfikar, M.Ed MUKSALMINA 140203164 The Problem Faced by The Teachers in Developing Lesson Plan at Junior High School
14 Yuni Setianingsih, M.Ag RAHMI HIJRIYANTI 140203232 Improving Students’ Writing Skill Through Make and Match Learning Model
15 Lukmanul Hakim, MA MAHGFIRAH 140203182 The Corelation Between Students’ Mastery of Simple Present tense and Their Achievement in Writing Descriptive Text
16 Siti Khasinah, M.Pd RIFQI 140203189 The Efectiveness of Students’ Weekly Report in Teaching Writing
17 Safrul Muluk, S.Ag, MA, M.Ed, Ph.D AMIRA FAKHRIAH M.NASIR 140203160 Teacher Questioning Strategies and Students Responses in EFL Classroom Interaction
18 Dr.phil. Saiful Akmal, S.Pd.I, MA NURUL AINA 140203245 The Influence of English Club for Non English Department Student in UIN AR-Raniry Banda Aceh
19 Syarifah Dahliana, M.Ed., Ph.D SUCI MARFIRAH 140203241 The Influence of Double Degree Students Toward Students’ GPA
20 Khairiah Syahabuddin, MHSc.ESL.,M.TESOL., Ph.D YUYUN FARIKA 140203193 Teachers’ Perception on the Creation of Students’ Activities Grammar Worksheet on UIN Ar-raniry Univerity
21 Nashriyah, MA PUTRI YHOULANDHARI 140203202 An Analysis of Culture Content Integrated in Senior High School English Textbook grade of 2013 Curriculum
22 Habiburrahim, S.Ag, M.Com, MS, Ph.D ANZILA 140203206 The English Curriculum in Islamic School ( A Case study of English Curriculum Development at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 2 Aceh Barat Daya in the Academic year of 2017/2018
23 Nidawati, M.Ag MUHAMMAD YASIR 231324254 An Analysis of Imperative Sentence According to English Books
24 Drs. Lutfi Aunie, M.A PUTRI INAYATSYAH 140203268 Students’ Perception and Strategies in Writing Essay ( A Case Study at Englsih Department Students Seven Semester 2014)
25 Dr. Syarwan Ahmad, M.LIS RIZKA YUSRIANA 140203062 The Corelation of Topic Interest on Reading comprehension Ability
26 Dr. Muhammad AR, M.Ed KAMAL RESTU TONIRO 231324338 An Analysis of students Understanding Descriptive Text by Using Quran Resources
27 Dr. Mustafa AR, MA ASHIFA UMAMI KAMARUZZAMAN 140203253 The Use of Students’ Personal Experiences to increase Wrting narative Text (a Classroom research in the Second Year of SMP Negeri 19 Percontohan Banda Aceh)

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