Talk Show with PPAN Alumni

Banda Aceh, Sunday, 19th of March, English Department Student Association (EDSA) held its first event under the new management of 2017 at Kedai Kupi Aceh (KKA) in Lam Pineung, Banda Aceh. This is a sharing and socialization session with the alumni of the International Youth Exchange Program () better known as PPAN, a program unde
r the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KEMENPORA).

Participating in the event were a couple of alumni that had just returned from various countries that they have visited in the year 2016 like Nurchalis (IMYEP), Siti Maulia Rizki (ASVI), Raudhatul Jannah (AYEP), Miftahul Jannah (IKYEP) and Muhammad Syaukat (ICHYEP). Also, there are also alumnus of the program from the year of 2015, Hidayatul Azizi (SSEAYP) and Arief Ilhami (ICYEP).

Alvi Rahmi, the project officer for this event, said that “This event is open for public, for anyone that wants to join with the talk. This event was meant to socialize the PPAN program for those who are interested to be Indonesia next delegation of 2017”.

In the event, the alumnus gave a presentation about the programs that they had taken during their time on their respective countries and provided some feedback for those who had questions in mind.

Regarding the purpose of this event, Alvi said “This event could – hopefully – motivate the youth in Aceh to contribute themselves on this program so that he or she could become a person that makes Aceh proud”.

Writer: Mahathir Rafsanjani

Translator: Fajar Herwandani

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