Inauguration of EDSA New Management

Banda Aceh, on Sunday, March 12th, English Department Student Association (EDSA) of UIN Ar-Raniry held the inauguration of the 2017/2018 management.  The event was held in Mini Theater of Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Educations of UIN Ar-Raniry. During the previous academic semester, the management was held under the leadership of Ilham Syafawi, a student of English Education Department (2013).

The student executive boards (DEMA) of the Tarbiyah Faculty of UIN Ar-Raniry appointed the new head of EDSA, Muhammad Hafidh Ilmi as well as the rest of the Management formed from a public election (PEMIRA) done in December.

As for the new structure of the management, this is what its structure be like:


Saiful Akmal


Muhammad Hafidh Ilmi


Imam Al Farisyi

Public Secretary

Siti Rechal

Forum Secretary

Nurul Khalisa


Ghea Azzahra

General Management Structure

Minister of Student Welfare

Teuku Muhammad Aidil

Minister of Public Relation

Alvi Rahmi

Minister of Information, Communication & Technology

Nauratul Iqramah

Minister of Stuff & Corporation

M. Fajar Herwandhani

Minister of Human Resource Development

Dwi Qatrunnada

Divison Structure

Mr. T. Zulfikar as the head of English Education Department of UIN Ar-Raniry expressed his appreciation to the previous management and congratulated all new management of EDSA. Correspondingly, Ismuhul Fadhil, the Governor of the Students Executive Board (DEMA) of the Faculty of Tarbiyah of UIN Ar-Raniry, conveyed EDSA to be a constantly-growing community and to give the best contribution, both internal or external, for UIN Ar-Raniry and able to uphold the given responsibilities

Writer: Mahathir Rafsanjani

Editor: Fajar Herwandani

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